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Red River Gorge Earth Shop

Local Artists, Crystals & Uncommon Gifts in the Heart of Slade, Kentucky.

Encounter the True Spirit of the Red River Gorge.

You visit the Red River Gorge to make connections – with the majestic natural beauty the region is famous for, and with the people who’ve found their way here on their own journeys. At the Earth Shop, we believe you can bring a little bit of that connection home with you.
Here, you’ll find amazing local artwork, lovingly curated gifts you won’t see anywhere else, and a collection of beautifully energetic crystals and minerals from all over the world.

Unearth Treasure at Our Gem Mine! Can You Dig It?

Choose Your Gem Bucket

Each bucket is loaded with hand-picked crystals, minerals, and archaeological surprises. Starting at $15!

Scoop, Sift & Discover!

Shovel the sand from your bucket into a sifting screen, then wash away the sand to uncover your gems!

Identify Your Treasures!

Buckets come with a gem identification chart. Our knowledgeable staff is also here to tell you about your discoveries!
“Absolutely amazing and beautiful shop! They have countless works of art to browse, from gems to paintings, souvenirs, and wood crafts. Plus they have a gem mine where you can sift your owns gems out!”
Zach Tabor

This is What the Red River Gorge is Truly All About.

Opening the Earth Shop, for me, was about inspiration. I want to inspire other local artists like myself to create, knowing that there’s a supportive place to showcase their work.

But I also want to inspire you, our guests and visitors to the Red River Gorge, to feel like you’re a part of our loving family of climbers, adventurers, and artists. 

Beyond the amazing artwork, enchanting crystals & minerals, and lovingly curated gifts, I hope you find a sense of belonging and community at our little mountain outpost – a genuine feeling of welcome, and a little bit of sunshine to take with you on your way. 

With love,

Ingrid Miller


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888 Natural Bridge Rd. Slade, KY 40376
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